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The Vegabonds stehen für Southern Rock mit vielen Blues Elementen. Wir haben Alex Cannon von der Band zum Interview getroffen. Er erzählt dabei über das neue Album „Southern Sons“ und die Erfahrungen auf Touren in Europa und den USA.

Metalize.Me: Please Introduce yourself and your Band

My name is Alex Cannon, and I play guitar for The Vegabonds.  We are a six-piece rock/jam band from Auburn, Alabama, US.

Metalize.Me: Which country do you prefer for playing/travelling?

Well we have never played in any of the European countries, but we are looking forward to playing in places like Germany, Holland and Spain.  Honestly, we are excited about all of them.

Metalize.Me: Are there differences between the audiences?

I have always heard that Europe loves rock’ n ‘ roll so we are looking forward to testing this rumor out.  We also just had some buddies get back from touring Europe, The Delta Saints, and they said it was amazing.  So it just makes us that much more ready.

Metalize.Me: What were your expectations of Dear Revolution?

We really didn’t have any expectations.  We just wanted people to enjoy our music.  I don’t think any of us really thought two years later we would be touring Europe with two records out.  I think we have expectations for our new record though after experiencing the release of “Dear Revolution.”

Metalize.Me: How would you describe this album?

I would describe the album as a good beginning.  We want to constantly create better and better music, and push our creativity levels, but “Dear Revolution” was a great start and we learned a lot from it.

Metalize.Me: Are there already plans for a following album and are there already new songs?

We are releasing our new album, “Southern Sons,” on January 10, 2012 right before we leave for Europe.  There are 11 new songs on the album.

Metalize.Me: How would you define Southern Rock?

Words that come to mind when I think of Southern Rock are blues, energy, power, soul – Allman Brothers Band, The Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd – that is Southern Rock to me

Metalize.Me: What were your funniest or most embarrassing experiences on tour?

Well we broke down driving a box truck one time.  It wasn’t funny at first, but looking back on it, it seems hilarious.  We had thrown a couch in the back of a box truck, which was very unsafe to begin with, then we broke down on the interstate.  We didn’t have a legal tag on the truck either.  So when the cops came we were waiting on them to ask us all kinds of questions and check the truck and stuff, and they never did.  They just helped us get gas and send us on our way.  It was definitely a funny experience.  We stay pretty calm on the road though.  Nothing to crazy has happened yet.

Metalize.Me: Which CD would you take on an empty island?

Pink Floyd – The Wall

Metalize.Me: If you compare making/playing music to a cake – is being on tour rather the (flan) case or the cream-topping?


Metalize.Me: Do you read reviews of your band?

I read most of them.  I like to hear what people have to say about our music.  It isn’t going to change the way we write at all, but it is still nice to hear what people think, regardless if it good or bad.

Metalize.Me: If you were a Cocktail/ alcoholic drink / liquor what would you be?

I would be an old wine.

Metalize.Me: Whats your favorite cake?


Metalize.Me: Last Question – its a special one: What question would you like to ask yourself? And what is the Answer?

Are you excited about releasing “Southern Sons?”

Yes, but I am more excited about releasing the third album.


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