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SILVERDOLLAR aus Schweden haben gerade ihr Album „Morte“ auf den Markt gebracht. Wir haben die Gelegenheit genutzt um den Frontmann der Combo Esa Englund mit ein paar Fragen zu Löchern. Was dabei rausgekommen ist, könnt ihr hier nachlesen:

What’s the story behind the name “Silverdollar”?
Yeah we know it’s quite odd name for a metalband but we got a 2nd guitarist back then his lastname is silver and he was the founder of the band we wanted to give him cred for it so we thought something with silver . Back in the mid 70’s  we had jeans called silverdollar in sweden very popular for us teenagers at that time so there you have it and we didn’t play metal in the beginning after a couple years he left  and we begun to play metal instead. But kept the name because we began to be popular at the coverscene, thought it would be a bad idea to change it and start from schratch again.

What were your expectations of “Morte”?
Well, it’s tuff out there but we think it’s a damn good cd hopefully you think so too! We’re thrilled like kids at cristmas…

How would you describe this album?
Straight forward heavy metal with a dash of trash, prog, power, doom and hardrock as it should be!

Which song of it is your favorite and what is your all-time favorite song of Silverdollar?
Tuff one there but Co2 or Rot if i must choose. All time.. even harder..shit .. Damage Done then no Unleash Hell from the Evil Never Sleeps cd.

Why did it take you so long to record an album with your own songs?  
We all got fulltime jobs, families and with your own studio it’s hard to be focused  so time flies when you’re having fun

Why did you call the album “Morte”?
There was no reason at all just thought it would be cool with a powerful and strong latin word  Fitted well with the lyric it’s about the itailian mafia

On the album there’s a song called “H.F.”. What does that mean?
HF is reverend Helge Fossmo  known in sweden as the Knutby murder happened a some years ago he had an affair with his nanny and made her kill his wife, there is more to tell but just to make it short that was the main story. His in jail now for life i think.

Are there already plans for a following album and are there already new songs?
Yes there is and we have allready some 4-5 songs we’ve been fooling around with

What are your expectations of Silverdollar’s future?
Hopefully some major touring and festivals and some good albums still to come

What were your funniest or most embarrassing experiences on tour?
We played in Stockholm  a couple years ago and roumors said that Udo was at the club too so we played „Balls To The Walls“ for him, after the gig i met him over a beer cool guy! i’ve lost my voice a couple times and have to cancel the shows and that’s not funny

Which CD would you take on an empty island?
Something with Thin Lizzy

How do you think about Germany and what is different to other countries?
Germany is great there is no difference worth mentioning

If you were a Cocktail/ alcoholic drink / liquor what would you be?
Gin and Tonic

Whats your favorite cake?

Cheers! / Esa

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